The Engadine lies in the south eastern corner of Switzerland with the Val Bernina at its southern extremity, thrusting its way into Italy and bordered by a panorama of peaks. Its highest peak, Piz Bernina at 4049m, is the most easterly four thousand metre peak in the Alps and its classic ridge, the Biancograt, offers a serious challenge to the Alpinist. But the more modest walker is amply provided by an almost infinite number of possibilities for the most stunning outings.

This book describes a tour in the Val Bernina crossing high passes from one mountain hut to the next; at a steady pace it will take seven days but there is scope for shortening it by making use of the excellent Swiss transport system, or extending it by adding on one or two of the enormous variety of walks available. The tour is essentially from hut to hut - modest prices even with the present state of the UK pound, but there are some places where more luxurious accommodation can be used.

This pocket-sized guide contains 10 sketch maps, 13 photographs, descriptions of 14 routes and comprehensive information about huts, mountain inns and hotels.

Here is a MAP of the route; and here is a SAMPLE of what the book contains.

It is available from Central Books

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