Alpine Laburnum
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Common Name: Alpine Laburnum
Family: Pea - Fabaceae (Papilioaceae)
Genus: Laburnum
Species: alpinum
Date Taken: 08/07/2018
Altitude: 1385m
Area: Italian Pennine Alps
Walking Notes: From the dam of the Bacino di Campliccioli to Alpe Granarioli, Alpe Casaravera, Alpe Saler, Alpe Cingino and the Bivacco Cingino. Return the same way.
Location: Taken just beyond Vassoncino
Flower Notes: Up to 7m tall; usually a short, sturdy trunk, young stems green, with a few spreading hairs at first, later glabrous. Leaves trifoliolate, with a stalk 3 to 6cm long; leaflets oval or obovate, 5-10cm long, deep green, not so downy beneath as in L. anagyroides. Racemes pendulous, slender, 25-40cm long, carrying numerous golden-yellow flowers, c. 2cm long on a thin stalk 5-10mm long; both the flower-stalks and the main-stalk of the raceme are glabrous or thinly downy. Seed-pods 5-8cm long, flat, with the upper seam (suture) distinctly w