Alpine Virgin's Bower
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Common Name: Alpine Virgin's Bower
Family: Buttercup - Ranunculaceae
Genus: Clematis
Species: alpina
Date Taken: 05/07/2016
Altitude: 1820m
Area: Engadine
Walking Notes: Sils Maria, right bank of Fedacla for c. 1km. Then across the torrent to Petprier. Right bank of Ava da Fedoz to the crossing at c. 2000m. Descent alongside left bank to Ca d'Starnam to Lej da Segl and Maloja
Location: Taken 500m from Sils Maria on the right bank of Fedacia
Flower Notes: Dwarf climbing shrub up to 2 m tall; leaves opposite, biternately compound; flowers 4-6 cm across, nodding, with 4 blue, corolla-like outer tepals, and 10-20 small, white inner tepals; fruits with persistent, long plumose styles. 1000-2200m, flowering time 5-7. Rare - Barnaby says only found in the Grisons.