Branched Gentian
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Common Name: Branched Gentian
Family: Gentian - Gentianaceae
Genus: Gentiana
Species: ramosa
Date Taken: 02/09/2010
Altitude: 2250m
Area: Valais
Walking Notes: Mattmark, Ofentalpass, descent to Tälliboden junction, Tälliboden, Distelalp, Mattmark by east bank
Location: Taken by the jeep track on the east bank of the Mattmark
Flower Notes: 3-20cm tall; most heavily branched from the base, all leaves blunt; calyx lobes 5, more or less equal, united in the lower half; corolla lobes 5 with 8-9mm long segments, throat barbed, lilac. CF. Field Gentian, Gentiana campestris, which has 4 corolla lobes 6-10mm long. Pastures, meagre soils poor in calcium. 1700-2800m, flowering time 7-9. Not common.