Common Butterwort
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Common Name: Common Butterwort
Family: Bladderwort - Lentibulariaceae
Genus: Pinguicula
Species: vulgaris
Date Taken: 13/07/2013
Altitude: 2270m
Area: Valais
Walking Notes: Furi towards Schönbiel Hut via the Dixence works (not the waterfall) back to Zmutt and the Panoramaweg to Zermatt
Location: Taken above the Zmutt Dixence works
Flower Notes: 5-20cm tall; leaves in basal rosette, oval glandular, sticky on the upper surface; calyx 2-partite at most to the middle with non-spreading lobes; corolla with a spur; upper lip 2-partite, lower lip 3-partite, violet with 1-3 spots on the lower lip. Fens; intermittently wet, base-rich soils. 400-1800m, flowering time 6-7. Not common. Note: Alpine Butterwort has white flowers with up to 3 yellow spots; Hairy-spurred Butterwort very similar to Common Butterwort but calyx has spreading lobes.