Common Dodder
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Common Name: Common Dodder
Family: Bindweed - Cuscutaceae
Genus: Cuscuta
Species: epithymum
Date Taken: 09/07/2010
Altitude: 2030m
Area: Valais
Walking Notes: Zermatt, Edelweiss, Trift Hotel, Henerchnubel, Trift, Edelweiss
Location: Taken between the Edelweiss and the Trift Hotel
Flower Notes: Leafless, twining, parasite (on wild thyme, legume, rock-rose, etc,); stem very slender, filiform, greenish-white to reddish, attached to the host by small suckers; flowers in dense heads along the stem; corolla small, bell-shaped, 5-lobed, red or white; fruit a spherical capsule. Grassland, pastures; dry, meagre soils. 600-2200m, flowering time 7-9. Not common.