Frog Orchid
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Common Name: Frog Orchid
Family: Orchid - Orchidaceae
Genus: Coelogossum
Species: viride
Date Taken: 24/07/2005
Altitude: 2390m
Area: Valais
Walking Notes: Riffelalp to Gakihaupt, to Riffelsee. Descent to Riffelberg, Riffelalp, Moos and Zermatt
Location: Taken between Riffelalp and Gakihaupt
Flower Notes: 5-25cm tall; with bipartite tuber; leaves on the stem oval; flowers yellowish-green to brown-red, with a long trilobate lip. Pastures, dearf shrub stands; meagre soils poor in calcium. 1000-2600m, flowering time 6-7. Not common.