Hoary Groundsel
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Common Name: Hoary Groundsel
Family: Daisy - Asteraceae (Compositae)
Genus: Senecio
Species: incanus
Date Taken: 09/09/2014
Altitude: 2845m
Area: Valais
Walking Notes: Schwarzsee to Matterhorn Base Camp, descent to Hirli and Glacier Trail to Trockener Steg
Location: Taken by the Theodulgletschersee on the Matterhorn Glacier Trail
Flower Notes: 5-15 cm high , upright or ascending, gray to white tomentose, multi-headed. Leaves deeply pinnate to almost entire, narrowed into a stalk. Flower heads 3-15, diameter 1-2 cm, in a compact, umbellate raceme, with 3-8 yellow ray-flowers and yellow tubular flowers. Fruits 2-3 mm long, with 4-5 mm long, yellowish pappus