The Pennine Alps lie between the Grand Col Ferret in the west and the Simplon pass in the east. The Swiss-Italian frontier runs along the southern extent of the range from which long valleys and ridges run north and south. On the Swiss side these ridges present many challenges to the mountaineer but on the Italian side the passes are more accessible to the walker.

This guidebook describes a walking tour across the Italian Pennine Alps. Starting in Switzerland, at Martigny, the route enters Italy over the Fenêtre de Durand and crosses high cols from one valley to the next where each night can be spent in a comfortable hotel. On reaching Macugnaga the route returns to Switzerland over the Monte Moropass to Saas from where the route to Zermatt follows two modern - now classic - high-level paths: the Höhenweg from Saas to Grächen, and the Europaweg from Grächen to Zermatt. At a leisurely pace it will take just over two weeks.

This compact guide contains 33 sketch maps, fifteen photographs, descriptions of 54 routes and comprehensive information about hotels.

Here is a MAP of the route; and here is a SAMPLE of what the book contains.

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