The Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel resonates with the history of British mountaineering from the early Victorian tourists to the 1953 Everest team and the photographs adorning the walls and collections of memorabilia add to the atmosphere. Its guests, young and old, appreciate the tradition of the Hotel which over the years has rightly established itself as one of the homes of British mountaineering.

No other hotel in Snowdonia offers access to so many different walks directly from the front door of the hotel itself. The idea of having a hearty breakfast and strolling out of the Hotel to spend the day on the hills before returning to a hot bath and a beer in the Smoke Room without the hassle of driving and parking is a great attraction of the Hotel.

This pocket-sized guide contains 14 sketch maps, 10 photographs and detailed descriptions of 15 routes. Here is a SAMPLE of what the book contains.

The booklet is only available from the Hotel.

[pyg book cover]